Saturday 31 December 2011

A 2 Z Scraplets Challenge.

Well here is the very last one for the year, I thought I wouldn't get another one done for this year but here it is. It is over at the requirements for this month was a sketch here it is:
Here is my LO for today, I tipped the sketch side ways and this is how it turned out:
This is my God daughter and her partner which we hadn't seen for ages. Bye for now. Kerry and Happy New Year.

Thursday 29 December 2011

Black with 2 Challenge.

Hi guys. Well I thought I was finished for the year. I have been waiting up for my son to finish work, so what a great excuse to scrap. Here is the challenge requirements for :

This month being christmas we have set a challenge based on xmas ...
so pull out those photos from last year and scrap away ..
and a hint of gold or silver or both if you feel creative ..
 Here is a little image to help you along .
I put this picture on too as it it a lovely bunch of flowers. I have actually used photo's of this year that my sister in law sent us. They get photo's taken every year which I love to scrap them. Here is my LO:
  It was hard to take the photo as I was reflected in the silver paper for the tree, I had to take the photo upside down. I can still see a little bit of myself and it is a bit lighter on one side. I made my own button with my new button making supplies my daughter gave me for Christmas. I usually always do two pages so here they are together:
 I have also just discovered thickers and love them. Well that's it for today. I hope everyone enjoys their New Year celebrations. Bye Kerry.

Monday 19 December 2011

Friday Night Challenge!

I am right on the ball this week and organised, it's done and dusted. This is what the requirements are for this weeks FNC over at
What would we like to see???  Using the main colours from this sketch (but its a LO I know) (brown & green) complete a LO that uses the basic elements of my sketch/LO here....use some flowers etc to make a pretty LO.
I have used brown and green abit lately but usually with other brighter colours, so I tried to stick to these two. I also realised I have been using a lot of plain backgrounds, so time to shake it up a bit. One of my friends gave me a new pad of paper for Christmas, I opened it and used a peice for the background and I love the finished result, here it is:
Instead of paper behind my photo I stamped a background which I think gave a lovely muted tone and stamped a little border above it. I've tried mixing up my title with different fonts and it never works well although very happy with this one so I will try again.
My girlfriend would die if she saw this, I think it's great.
I also think this might be the last one until after Christmas but don't bet on it. 

Scrapbookit's December Challenge.

Well this was a big one I thought especially for December the busy month. Here is the instructions for the challenge over at
Liz’s chosen song Title ….. Turn, Turn, Turn (To everything there is a Season), by the Byrds. You will be able to find the lyrics at
Your layout must include the following…….

Title from the song
Photo 5'x7'
A clock/watch
A musical element
Last but not least, YOU MUST HAVE FUN
It took me a lot of thinking of what to do and I thought I wouldn't get it done but once  I started and picked out what photo I was going to use it all fell into place. Here is my LO:
I didn't have a big photo so I joined them together and cut them to size. I already had purchased the clock and clog chipoards from Scrapbookit earlier this year so it was great to be able to use them. As usual here are my two LO's together:
That's it for today bye Kerry.

Sunday 18 December 2011

Scrapbookers Anonymous!

Here is a new challenge for me over at Flicking through peoples blogs I discovered scrapbookers anonymous. Here is what they require for this months challenge:
This month is a fun TRIO... You must create a HOLIDAY project and use a TAG and GLITTER somewhere on your project. Dig deep into that stash. I know you have things burning a hole in storage... 
The idea here is to use things from your scrap stash. Here is my LO:
I have had the strip of bauble paper & Santa embellishment for ages now. I found the red string from my daughter's work { florist shop}  the other day not thinking I would use it on this page. The string I did not realise has wire in it so it does not fray and stays where you put it.
This is my first attempt at shading etc my tag, which I will have to do more of as I love the effect and think it would look great on a more hertige page.
Well that's it for now. Bye Kerry.

White with 1 Challenge.

Here I am with a new challenge over at  I love using the white background. This is what was required for this months challenge: 

This month your challenge is to create a layout using the following criteria...
This is what I came up with using some photo's of 2001:
 Here's my double page:
That's it for today. Bye Kerry.

A forgotten Challenge!

Silly me I forgot to pop this on my blog. I actually sent this challenge in and I hadn't finished it. Since entering it I have applied centres of the flowers and the swirls, I am yet to journal. This was a Friday Night Challenge on the 3/12/11 over at Here is the requirements:
                                           Something using these colours....simple, floral, pretty.
I don't tend to use purple much until this little girl entered our family. I went to visit her two weekends in a row to meet her for the first time and then to take other family members to meet her. Both weekends she had the same purple outfit on just a fluke and the photo's have come in handy for a couple of LO. Here is my take on FNC:
I did only enter one page but I usually always do two. It turned out sooo cute and think it was a great challenge. So you see why I had to share. Bye Kerry. 

Thursday 15 December 2011

Christmas Break Up.

Last Sunday the 11th of December we had a Chrissy breakup with some of the scrap booking chicky babe's that like to come over to my house once a month and be creative. I taught them a class and then we enjoyed some Christmas cheer with lunch. Here we are having fun:
From the bottom left myself { not a good look, anyway }, Robyn, Sharon, my daughter Ashlee. Back left Ange and Carla. Smile girls. It was a great day and looking forward to our crop til you drop in January. And you know what I will do with these photo's scrap them of course. Merry Christmas girls and bye for now. Kerry.

Purple Pumpkins Challenge.

December's Challenge over at What a great year I have had since I discovered Purple Pumpkin. My style has changed after adding these cute creations that Sam has come up with. Each month there is something new and exciting. Here is a look at this months sketch:
 I actually whipped this one up quickly as it is Christmas and I'm running out of time. I love the colours and of course the embellishments. Here's my LO:
I have used the felt flower and vinyl heart, which were both in my last lot of PP surprise pack. Aren't they great. That's it for today. Merry Christmas to everyone at Purple Pumpkin and their followers. Bye Kerry.

Scraphappy Kat's December Challenge.

Another one for It is the last month of the year, how the year has flown. I only started doing challenges in about Feb/March and have been loving every moment. Scraphappy Kat was my first too. 
Well here is the requirements for this month:
 Happy December...
Ok so instead of a sketch this month we will be doing a Christmas Challenge... to make it easy with Christmas coming up and no one having much time I'll make it really simple and hope it gets you into a scrappy or Chrissy mood :-)
Now all you need to do is have something Christmasy on your LO Easy!!!!
Some ideas for you are.... having a tree, present using christmas colours the choice is up to you!!!!
I had already made this up to teach at my Decemeber Scrap Group. Although they all complained about not having photo's so we have put it off until January. Here is my LO:
You can not tell by this photo that the photo's are all matted with gold card stock which shimmer abit in the light. As usual a double LO:
I accidently took this photo and love the angle of it:

Friday Night Challenge!

Well this is VERY late and I don't know if Kathie at will accept my entry into this weeks challenge but I've finished it so I'm sending my LO in. This is the requirements for this week:

  • Choose the colours for your LO from this picture (I see blue, white, green, sand, sage, brown and a few other colours to)
  • You don't have to have a beach theme, just use the colours
  • Use 2 photo or one large photo (5 x 7" or larger)
  • You can use anything you like....but no flowers.....
I was going to do one of my many beach photo's but decided to do these two photos  instead. I have tried to use my scraps as well and it's amazing all the great paper in the scrap stash. Here is my LO:
 I'm quite happy with the finished result and love the colour combo. 
Bye for now Kerry.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

The Lollipop Ladies Challenge.

Well here I am doing a challenge for The Lollipop Ladies { } I haven't done one of theirs for a while now and thought it was time. The challenge this fortnight was toffee apples and acetate. I didn't know what I could do and then I remembered this paper I had with apples on and didn't know how I would use it. Here is my LO:
These photo's were taken on my nephews birthday party and we were having a BBQ under the old apple tree, so the paper was very appropriate for the day. I usually do a double LO so here it is:
 Well thats it for today. Bye Kerry.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Friday Night Challenge!

Well I'm running on time with my blogging today. I have just sent in my entry for FNC and now I'm blogging it. It happens to be a simple sketch this week. Here it is:
So here is my take on it:
I'm not that happy with it but put it together with my double LO it's not that bad. So here is my double LO:
That's it for today. I have to finish another one off tonight and work out where the sketch  came from and post it on my blog. The end of the month is coming soooo quick and don't talk about Christmas. Ok Bye Kerry.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Black with 2 Challenge.

Here is my last post for the day. I have once again entered over at It's probably been a couple of months so here goes. This months requirements were:
Here is my LO:
 I love the green on the black. I have said this before it is a cloudy day and the colours don't stand out that well. The black doesn't look all that black but it is, how well does the green stand out. My cute buttons  from Purple Pumpkin I inked the edges to make them blend with the rest
Well that's it for today. Bye Kerry.

White with 1 Challenge.

I have once again entered over at . The theme for this month is WHITE + BRIGHT + FLOWERS you use a white background, pick one bright colour and flowers. Here is my LO:
 I seam to be using alot of green lately. It was the colour of the plates on the photo so I ran with that. Here is the double LO which I tend to do most times:
 It is a cloudy day today so the colours don't turn out 100%. I have used alot of black and red for my son's birthday photo's so it was good to mix it up abit. 
That's it for now. Bye Kerry.

FNC and Noember Challenge.

I have been busy and here are two entries for that I have completed the last couple of days. First is Friday Night Challenge [ FNC ], here are the requirements: 
BLACK and WHITE challenge
Rules are
#1 You are to use black and white you may use a hint of one other colour
 #2 You must have more than one photo on your LO
(your photos can be coloured or black and white)
 #3 You must have at least one line of journaling
Here is my entry:
  I usually do a double LO so here it is:
It is a cloudy day here so the colours don't always turn out that well. This is a LO of my husbands birthday party, as I have heaps of photo's I wouldn't have thought to do black and white and I love it. I have added a hint of blue. I inked around the button and have inked around the names with David in them.
Here is the November Challenge:
Here i have a LO and i would love for you girls to interpret 
it into your own using the aspects you think would be on a sketch.
Well I wasn't sure about all the tearing and alot of different patterned papers. It took me awhile and I pulled a few things off and started again, but I'm happy with the end result. Here is mine:
 I didn't start out to use the same colours. I started with the pram {that I love} which I brought to use on Giselle's page and she is wearing purple. Here is the double LO: 
 That's it for Scraphappy Kat's today. Bye Kerry.

Friday 18 November 2011

Week 4 & 5

Here are week 4 and 5 entries for birthday celebrations. It is hard to believe a whole month of celebrations have passed by already. Here is week 4's sketch:
Here is my take on the sketch which I have flipped:
I usually do a double LO so thought I would put that up today, so here we go:
Week 5 and the final one for the this month, here is the sketch:
Here is my LO:

I am slowly getting through some of our holiday snaps and here is the double LO:
The colour is a bit faded looking in the double LO but you get the idea of it. I didn't realise how many fishing photo's I had until I went to scrap them and I can't leave any of them out. Well that's it for today. Bye Kerry.

Scraphappy's Last Two Weeks Friday Night Challenge's!!!

Well as you can see I've been slack. I have done the LO and had them in on time just haven't posted them on my blog. First off here is the challenge for the 4th of November over at The challenge was negative space and here is my LO:
This a photo of my husband, son and daughter's boyfriend, they were waiting patiently while we shopped.           
Now for the 11th of November the requirements were: use only 1 photo, use a light or white base paper, then use bright papers, embellishments etc.
So here is my LO:
I love the finished results and thought it would be quick and easy, but finding the right colours took some time. Well that is it for Scraphappy Kat's as it wont be long until tonight's comes out. Bye Kerry.

Sunday 6 November 2011

I Found another one!

I found another one I haven't put up from this is from a fortnight ago. Here is the sketch:

 Please use the following items:

  • card stock for background
  • at least 3 different papers or card stock or mixture of both
  • Brads, buttons, eyelets, rhinestones or pearls
  • shaped paper (example on sketch are the stars)
  • Journal block
  • SMALL title....more like a little heading.....not great big letters
  • A large photo, sketch is 7 x 5"

Here is my take on the sketch:
 This is the last one of my son's wild west birthday party and it is the cake.  I didn't have a large photo so I joined two together to make it that size. I love the colours of this page.

That's it for now. Bye Kerry.

Week 2 & 3

I'm being slow again at popping this LO up that I can do two at once. Here is week 2's sketch for big birthday celebration:

What a beautiful sketch and here is my LO that I did at a wedding in Thialand my husband and I went to this year in April.

We had such a great time and the Bride and Groom looked georgous.

Here is Week 3's sketch:

He is my LO that I have done of my husband's surprise 50th birthday party last year. This will be the 1st page and there will be many more to come. This sums my husband up a big smile, laughing { he probaly started the laughter } and a beer. It was a great night.
Well that's it for now I have to go and start this weeks entry. Bye Kerry.