Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A 2 Z Scraplets Challenge.

I am trying to squeeze this last one in for January so here it is. It is for http://a2zscraplets.typepad.com/a_2_z_scraplets/ and here is the sketch:
I have used photo's of my son making a project for one of his classes in Year 12. I have tryed not to use flowers and have followed the sketch. Here is My LO:
I have also used paper that he gave me for Christmas, it is Minds Eye. The straws were left over from his project. I'm happy with the outcome and it's good to do a boy's LO. I usually do a double page and here it is:
That's it for today. Thanks, bye Kerry.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Friday Night Challenge!

Roll up! roll up! it's that time again. Yes FNC over at http://www.scraphappykat.blogspot.com/ Well I haven't done one of these pages before so here are the requirements: 
Shabby Chic

the rules for tonight's challenge are
There are no rules, you can do anything you like but you must scrap in the Shabby Chic style
If you are having trouble or don't know what Shabby Chic is Google Shabby Chic and you will find thousands of gorgeous images to inspire you, be warned you could get lost for hours looking at all the pretties
I did exactly that I Googled. I wasn't sure what Shabby Chic was. One of the sites I found said it was about textures eg: scrunching, inking, stamping etc. So I gave it a go and here is my LO:
I embossed, painted then inked, torn, scrunched, inked again, sewn, cut etc. etc. The plastic with the writting on was recycled it was what the white flowers came on and I thought it was too good to waste.

I made some flowers,
Here are some of the beautiful Prima flowers I brought from Kathie 
{ http://www.scraphappykat.blogspot.com/ } and it was the first time to use them. I also inked the white ones. 
A peek at some more and my lovely son's face. 
I usually do two LO's and here it is:
I found this was another change for me and I had a great time doing these LO. 
That's it for today. Bye Kerry.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Crop til you Drop!

On Saturday I hosted a crop til you drop day. It was great we all did around 10 pages each and had many laughs, plenty of  talking and heaps of fun. I taught a class in the morning and Ashlee my daughter taught a card class in the afternoon. Here are a couple of photo's of the day:
Some of the girls hard at it, only raising their head to smile.
Stopping for a bite to eat. Everyone brought a plate to share and we had a very yummy lunch and tea.
Now I can't wait to have another day maybe mid year. The last two people left at 10 to 12 that night so we made the most of our day.
Ok that's it for now. Bye Kerry.

Friday Night Challenge!

Hi guys that time again yes, Friday Night Challenge. Here is the requirements over at http://www.scraphappykat.blogspot.com/
is as easy as 1 2 3

You will need
#1 piece of cardstock
#2 pieces of Patterned Paper
#3 different types of embellishments
and a Photo of any size

Create a LO using the above supplies
Add a Tittle and Journaling (the journaling is optional)
I enjoy these types of challenges even though they are a work out for the brain and gets you scrambling through your stash to find different embellishments. Here is my LO:
I have used 1 peice of white cardstock not as my base but on top, 2 patterned peices and my 3 embellishments are # chipboard, # doiles and # paperclips. I usually use brighter colours so this is a bit different and I like the outcome.
I usually do a double layout so here it is:
As you see my journalling went on my second LO. 
Well that's it for today. Bye Kerry.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Anyone up for a give away.

I seem to stalk this great blog and I love joining in on the challenges and buying from the shop. Take a look over at: http://www.scraphappykat.blogspot.com/

Anybody up for a prize???

.........a nice product pack and 3 gorgeous Prima flowers packs???  Repost this on your blog and leave a comment with your blog address to be in the running to win an extra 4 PRIMA flowers packs for yourself....now that is a great prize!!  Make sure that you put a link back to our blog here so that everybody can find us!!! Prima prima prima......yeah!!!!!

Thanks Kathie for the great chance to win.

Friday Night Challenge!

Well I swear I am addicted to Friday Night Challenges {FNC} over at Scraphappy Kat's http://www.scraphappykat.blogspot.com/ Here are the requirements for this weeks:
For tonight's challenge we are doing a recipe
#White or black card stock
#1 photo (any size)
#ink or paint
#2 or more Patterned Papers
#Flowers (store bought or handmade)
#and at least one other embellishment of your choice
Place above ingredients on you card stock any way you like
I quite enjoy recipes it really gets you thinking and it gives you a great scope to do anything you want. Here is my finished creation:
I had only just received my brick stencil so it was a must to try out. I didn't think it would show out on the black that well once I had sprayed it, also while the stencil was wet with paint I turned it upside down and blotted it onto the white card making the other patterned paper. I also had seen some flowers like the big one on this page so I thought I could make something similar and I'm happy with how it turned out. I usually do two pages so here is my other one:
Well that's it for this week except Kathie has a give away going so here it is:

Anybody up for a prize???

.........a nice product pack and 3 gorgeous Prima flowers packs???  Repost this on your blog and leave a comment with your blog address to be in the running to win an extra 4 PRIMA flowers packs for yourself....now that is a great prize!!  Make sure that you put a link back to our blog here so that everybody can find us!!! Prima prima prima......yeah!!!!!
Don't forget you will find her here: http://www.scraphappykat.blogspot.com/
That's it for today, bye Kerry.

Kraft It Up Challenge.

Well here we are January's challenge, hasn't the month rolled by fast. I haven't entered over here at Kraft It Up http://www.kraftitup.blogspot.com/ for a while so it was great to have another go. The requirements for this month were: 

As it is summer holidays for the majority of us, this month will be a colour challenge, something easy and fun!
Now please remember your base still must be Kraft Cardstock or Kraft Patterned Paper, you can then add the additional colours from the swatch!
I enjoyed this challenge, I love using the Kraft cardstock and adding all the extras to jazz it up, or some times leaving it just very simple. Anyway here is my entry:
The cardstock looks a little yellow in this and you can't see the inking around the edge of the LO, but I love the finished result. I usually do two pages at once so here is the other one:
Well that's it for today. Thanks, bye Kerry.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A New Year!

Well here we are 2012, how time flies. I have changed my blog, a fresh look for the new year. It is easier said than done changing your blog, I'm happy with it now but I still don't know how to put the title in a different position, so that's why I changed it to black so you can read it.
My first challenge for the year is Friday Nights Challenge over at Scraphappy Kat's http://www.scraphappykat.blogspot.com/ the requirements are as followers:

                                                2012's First FNC

and we are going to be using leftovers??!!!
Products we will be using
Scraps of P/P's
I want you to get out your Patterned Paper that is left over from other projects
Now go through them and pick out the ones you like best or the one you think will work best for your creation
These are the P/P's you will be using for your creation
You are to make all your embellishments out of your P/P's  
You can use punches and dies to make the embellishments
Ink and pen can be used to define edges
Pen can also be used for journaling if you choose to do some journaling
Alpa's can be used for your Title
Well I have been going to do this page for ages as I want to teach a class using their left overs, actually they are going to bring their leftovers and we swap them. I had this idea floating around for ages. So here it is:
As usual I have done a double LO it is of my son's school camp back in 2001 and here it is:
Not bad for scraps. Everything is scraps except the cardstock holding it all on. I am busy sewing at the moment so I don't know how much I will get done except next weekend I'm having a crop til you drop at my house, so I hope to get a bit done then, although I'm teaching a class or two. Ok bye for now. Kerry.