Sunday, 6 November 2011

Week 2 & 3

I'm being slow again at popping this LO up that I can do two at once. Here is week 2's sketch for big birthday celebration:

What a beautiful sketch and here is my LO that I did at a wedding in Thialand my husband and I went to this year in April.

We had such a great time and the Bride and Groom looked georgous.

Here is Week 3's sketch:

He is my LO that I have done of my husband's surprise 50th birthday party last year. This will be the 1st page and there will be many more to come. This sums my husband up a big smile, laughing { he probaly started the laughter } and a beer. It was a great night.
Well that's it for now I have to go and start this weeks entry. Bye Kerry.

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