Sunday, 18 December 2011

A forgotten Challenge!

Silly me I forgot to pop this on my blog. I actually sent this challenge in and I hadn't finished it. Since entering it I have applied centres of the flowers and the swirls, I am yet to journal. This was a Friday Night Challenge on the 3/12/11 over at Here is the requirements:
                                           Something using these colours....simple, floral, pretty.
I don't tend to use purple much until this little girl entered our family. I went to visit her two weekends in a row to meet her for the first time and then to take other family members to meet her. Both weekends she had the same purple outfit on just a fluke and the photo's have come in handy for a couple of LO. Here is my take on FNC:
I did only enter one page but I usually always do two. It turned out sooo cute and think it was a great challenge. So you see why I had to share. Bye Kerry. 

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