Saturday, 13 August 2011

Last weeks Friday Night Challenge.

I was busy last week and finished and sent my challenge in late, so now I'm late popping it on here. I did send it in days ago though. Here we go then this is the challenge:
Okay the only requirement for tonight is can use only 2 colours black and yellow, green and pink, orange and purple..whatever you like....any variations of the same colours is fine, so you may choose blue and pink and use several shades of each colour.
Here is my finished page, I picked blue and white to go with my photo's so here it is:

My son Trent did photography at school last year and this is one of his photo shoots. All the family had input with me doing hair, their friend doing makeup, my daughters boyfriend spray painting her and the rest holding lights, backdrops etc etc. We started around 9am and finished at 7pm. It was a great day. Trent will be going back to study photography next year after a gap year. Anyway I love my page. Bye for now. Kerry

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