Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sketchy Boards - From Facebook Challenge.

Hi guys just a quick post before going to work.
I found Sketchy Boards on FB.

It is a bit confusing the site and I couldn't post it with the others.
Anyway I gave it a go, so here is the sketch:

This was very cute and I might give it a go some other time.
Here is what I created:

My background was created from using my stencils leftovers. 
I had already used the stencil and then blotted it onto two other white cardstock pieces.
These photo's are of my 50th birthday.
I usually create a double LO and like to pop it up here for family and friends to see.
So here it is:

When I went to pop this on Sketchy boards FB page I now think that this colour board went with it too, which I didn't follow. Anyway better luck next time.
Here is the colour board:

They were lovely colours too.

Ok I had a great time creating these and will give it a go again sometime.
Bye for now 
P.S. if your reading this please become a follower of mine.

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