Saturday, 10 November 2012

Scraphappy Kat's Monthly Challenge.

Hi guys! Scraphappy Kat have a monthly challenge up and running again, so the fun begins again.
Unfortunately there aren't any other entry's so far so if you have time, there are 4 days left to get your entry in, so if you are looking for something to do this weekend give it a go.
Here are the requirements:

For this months challenge you will need
4 pieces of patterned paper
cut your 1st piece of patterned paper to measure 15x17 cm
your 2nd piece of patterned paper 27x10cm
your 3rd piece of patterned paper 29x5cm
and your 4th piece of patterned paper 13x18cm
arrange these 4 pieces of patterned paper to look like this
stick them down
now add your photo/photos, embellishments (as many or as little as you like)
and you title 
Here is what I came up with:
Now putting the photo's close together I realise I have swapped two pieces of patterned around the wrong way, I'm sure they will forgive me.
My photo was taken at the floating markets in Thailand. We were amazed how they cooked with woks of boiling and bubbling oil in these little boats while moving around.
I found it hard to find embellishments to suit the photo and paper so I have kept it minimal.
I usually create a double LO and like to pop it here for my friends and family to see, so here it is:
The second photo shows of a young girl doing the dishes while using the filthy water from the canal and afterward she tips the wash up water, soap and all back into the canal.
The floating markets were amazing.
That is it for today. I hope someone comes and gives the challenge a go.
Bye for now. 

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  1. Great LO Kerry.....I love that you always do a double......thanks for joining us!! Always great to see what you create!!!
    Love Kathie